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I, Eric Hinkley, am an illustrator, designer, and screen printer born in Scranton, educated in Lancaster, and now working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I freelance and run a small web shop featuring my personal work. I have an expert level knowledge of screen printing and designing for print (both flat stock and garments) and when I am not working on paid illustration projects I am illustrating and designing for fun.

Sometimes I sneak away to go musky fishing too.


Selected clients and projects


Only NY                                        Housefly Fishing

United By Blue (Target)              Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Filson                                            Jushi

Parks Project                               Beyond/Hello

Duck Camp                                  Luck Reunion

Hooké                                           Postfly

Whole Foods                               WFMU

AirBNB magazine                       LifeAid

The Athletic                                 Crooked Creek Holler

Pittston Ketchup Co.                  The Waverly Community House

The War On Drugs                     American House Tattoo

Dock Street Brewing                  Tiger's Jaw








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